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Come Play with us! Do you Love To Play Games? How About Games At The Beach? Book games for the family, your friends, or to entertain your kids. Our games are fun for everyone. A list of our games: Bucketball $25. ladder Golf Ball $35. Cornhole $55. Basket Pong $30. Tower Ball $45.
beach games starting at $25-$55
Pay At The Beach

"we set up the games too"


Step into your throw and aim right. Good for big groups. Blue Team and Green Team. Sand-friendly. Have extra fun with the kids and let them toss a few. Simple ways to make them happy.

Tower Ball

Make new friends at the beach and have a round of tower ball. Hours of endless fun. Multiple Players recommended. Play fun and easy games like H-O-R-S-E. Easy setup and tear down.


10 Buckets - 5 Red | 5 Blue for multiple players. Fun for all ages. Score big with bucketball. Tossing is awesome for kids. They can finally leave you alone and you can enjoy them playing freely.

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Jim's Beach Service is not responsible for personal property that is lost or left unattended on the beach.
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